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March 19, 2010


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New Jordans

A great blog can give a person a new feeling, let a person get happy, let a person broaden our horizons. I think your blog is very good. Thank you for sharing!

Tim Driscoll

Dear New Jordans,

Thank you for sharing as well! I appreciate your comment so much.

It is certainly my intention to be informative in a way that gives people a deeper sense of themselves than most exercise seems to do these days. I am really happy you reading my blog gives you a new feeling.

Is there something in particular that brought you to Pilates Iconoclast? Is there something you have a question about, or some point I can expand upon, or some topic you'd like to see me cover?

I actually wrote an article that was published on a site for fitness experts to better share information with others.

If you click on to the link below, within this Navel-to-Spine article, I expand upon what I wrote about in this blog entry above (that you commented on) about core strength being the complimentary function of psoas and transversus.

Fitness and Imagery - Navel to Spine

Thanks again so much for commenting.

Tim Driscoll Backbone and Wingspan Pilates Midtown Manhattan


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