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January 12, 2010


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Ok, I'm reading this from the comfort of my bed, but I am already looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions. It would be wonderful to be able to walk blissfully in my 5 inch heels, for a whole day without their screaming in pain!

Tim Driscoll

Dear Dancer's Soul,
Thanks for your boudier commentary.
It has inspired me to write a future post entitled Those Heels Rock!
There is a gentle activity that you can perform, lying down (although best not to do it in bed), that can help to give you a better sense and thus a better utilization of the back of the heel, and how it relates to your entire spine.
I will write about the activity in more detail, but basically you lie down on your back and rock your heels back and forth into the surface of the floor (with carpet, rug, or mat)beneath you in order for the subtle action of the heels to move your pelvis and your spine.
But for now, in addition to thinking about the retreating surf rushing backwards over the fronts of the ankles to soften, fold, and crease those overworked tendons, also sense the release of the shape of the entire heel behind the ankle, and allow that shape to separate from what's in front of it.
The two things go together. Releasing the overwork in the frontal, more-familiar (because you can see it) part of the foot (the toenails, insteps, and tendons in the front of the ankle joint) gives you potential to access the support of the heel behind the ankle.
Feeling the heel energy like a wave behind the ankle (softly and subtly extending the sole) gives ease to the achilles, and grants you a springy support from that crucial part of the back body.
This is what my dream is: to be able to discover ways to impart to people how crucial the expansion of the heel (the backside)is to the extension of the sole (the underside), and how if you can become more useful of the expansiveness of both the backside and underside of the feet, it resonates throughout the entire body, particularly your spine.
Please let me know how you trying out the suggestions noted in the Notions of the Ocean post goes, if you need clarification on anything, and watch for (or become a subscriber to Pilates Iconoclast)upcoming posts about waves and heel rocks.
Thanks so much again for taking the time to comment. Tim

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