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January 14, 2010


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Sue Rothwell

Since I've been working with Tim in his studio to expand and lengthen my heels, I decided to apply the same technique in tennis. On return of serve, I would imagine my heels lengthening behind me and growing into the court and feel the strength of my core as I bent my legs waiting for the serve. It grounded me and slowed me down just enough to be able to hit a winner on many return of serves. Throughout the game I kept thinking of expanding my heels and my level of play increased exponentially!

Tim Driscoll

Dear Sue, Thanks so much for the comment detailing so specifically how this principle of heel expansion that you are ingraining in your body through your study here are useful to your sport. The principle is that the heel expands behind you, as opposed to jamming into your ankle. You took that further with your own imagination that encompasses elements of the tennis game you are playing. I love how when you expand your heels that you imagine them growing into a court. This is something else I believe develops with these principles working as imaginative springboards rather than rules. You come to a place in this work in which you really acknowledge how your imagination plays a key role, much more than exertion. You are a testament to the work. Thanks so much for relaying this. Tim

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