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August 12, 2009


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Mariamne Wulfsohn

Excellent work Tim, I love the information and Art!


Excellent writing and so clear! I agree with Marianne
I have missed coming to the studio tremendously. However when I feel that I am getting really out of whack I can re-mind myself thanks to what I have learned so far.
I am beginning to wonder along with Tim if one can actually re-mind oneself because it has happened to me. I wonder if this is coincidence and luck or if the re-minding helped me change?

Deb Markanton

Another wonderful, image-ful post!
Tim, I nominated you as one of the Top 100 Game Changers on the Huffington Post website. Below is the text of my comment. Their list and the world needs your amazing talent.

Tim Driscoll
Health Game Changer
owner/founder Backbone and Wingspan Pilates studio, Manhattan

Never has there been a more timely herald to the path we should be pursuing in regard to our own health and well-being than Tim Driscoll. He expounds taking charge of our own bodies in a pro-active and positive manner with mind/body processes that explode into the universe. Tim's blog is an extension of what he practices in his Manhattan Pilates studio, detailing images and ideas that allow all of us to be an active rather than passive participant in our own healing.
As a society we must now, more than ever, understand the importance and value of being connected - to each other and to the individual elements of what comprise our own bodies. Tim Driscoll provides an intelligent and insightful methodology to connect with our core, our spirituality, and the world.

Lois Hollander

Dear Tim,
Great. I want more.

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