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May 11, 2009


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Oh, honey, I need some High Heel Healing! I adore my 5 inch stilettos...so sexy, and they make my legs look a mile long! But the pain of it all makes me want to hurl them against a wall and mug a lunch lady for her "comfy" slip-ons. Teach me your ways~!

Tim Driscoll

Dear Ms. Trotter, Thank you so much for your response and plea! I would be happy to help, especially if it's getting such that you are experiencing lunch room rage. Don't hurl! You have a friend here in me. One great thing to do in immediacy is to get a pedicure, and ask the esthetician to massage your shin and calves, or pay for ten or fifteen minutes of this. Then practice some gentle bridging with your heels on a ball or a table or chair surface that you can make contact into with the backside of your heels. Since your shins and calves will be released, that which will be a big help to easing the pain in your feet, but also the release of the shins and calves will help you to activate the tops of the hamstrings where they connect up on to the sits bones. Or if you have a good trainer or work out partner, get him or her to help you pull out your heels away from your ankle as you do a calf stretch. Performing downward dog with you heels against the baseboard of a wall can also help you to understand how the hamstrings can tether up on to the sits bones. Let me know if any of this is helpful, or if you need more information. I have thirteen entries for High Heel Heeling. Click on to the category in the right hand side bar to review or acquaint yourself with the principles. Thanks again for your response. Tim Driscoll www.backboneandwinsgpan.com

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