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April 22, 2009


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I'm really glad you have these informative videos on your blog. It still amazes me that drawing your heels away from the ankle can help extend your spine and relieve tension in your back.

I think if I hadn't personally experienced how this works through my sessions with Tim, I'd have a hard time believing it but it really does work.

I've also found this helpful even when I'm walking around in my flats.

It's empowering to know there's little things you can do to help relieve tension.

Tim Driscoll

Dear Heding,

Thanks so much for watching the videos of the Pilates reformer exercises which emphasize the relationship of the heels to the ankle, and commenting on how it relates to the way you wear shoes other than just high heels.

Within our work together, and the work I perform with each client, I attempt to convey the same principle that involves the heels in different ways and different surfaces - with the feet on the carpeted floor, with the backs of the heels on the upholstered Pilates trapeze table, with the heels and calves on the stability ball. It is a challenge to convey that the same principle works regardless of where the heel is, and you have translated that principle into your upright walking posture, and that is really key.

Thank you so much for the personal account of your experience with this principle of drawing the heel away from the ankle. You are using your imagination and sensitivities to translate the experience you have with me in the studio and taking it out with you on to the street. That you conveyed that experience here is a great reward for me.

Thanks so much!


Cindy Parfet

Tim's article couldn't have come at a better time-PROM!!! My daughter was the envy of all her fellow high heelers as she danced the night away, pain-free! Many was the comment, "Don't your feet hurt? How can you wear those 3-incher's all night without killing your feet?" My daughter's reply was swift and without mercy, "High-healing, it's my sole therapy!". Upon being pressed for further details, she "spilled the beans" on Tim's secret and now all her girlfriends are singing praises to him! Kudos to Tim!

Tim Driscoll

Thanks so much Cindy, and give my regards to your daughter! Let me know if it was just the Heel-to-Hamstring exercise on the stability ball that made all the difference, or did you explore other options in past postings and use more of the imaginative principles from what I have written? I appreciate so much the feedback and accolades. Hopefully there will be many more social events that she and you will be able to attend more comfortably using the High Heel Recovery principles. To anyone else reading this, I sent Cindy the Heel-to-Hamstring exercise in a PDF file. If you would like one of your own, please insert a comment of what you think about the blog in any of the entries posted - remember there are thirteen separate entries for High Heel Healing - and include you email. Also check out our website at www.backboneandwingspan.com Thanks, Tim

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