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October 08, 2008


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Hi Tim,

Beautiful imagery. I don't believe in the real movement world there are those constructed ie. left/right separations in the body. There is a total three dimensional body in motion. See how that works for you next class. To what extent can you expand your focus during a movement to include...both legs, both arms the shoulder girdle the pelvic girdle your head your eyes. Try one simple movement several times and with each repetition shift your attention to another part. Notice how that part participates in the movement.

Enjoying your blog



While I am not fond of feet and have an anti-foot fetish, I really enjoyed reading your article. I thank you for allowing me to enjoy your words and wisdom.

Kim Kuznitz

Hi Tim,
Loved your writing. The feet are complicated...we don't work on them enough but great insight to them. Can we make suggestions for subjects? I have been working on collecting loose SI joints because mine is a way too hyper mobile. Plus most of the dancers I work with have the same instability. That would be a great one! Again, enjoyed reading and keep writing!

Tim Driscoll

Dear Kim, I finally posted a blog about Spring Loading the Sacrum (we download, we upload, why not spring load?)that I believe taps partly into what can be beneficial to sacroiliac stability. When you have time to read it, I'd love to hear if it helps you or your clients. I hope all is well with you!

Tim Driscoll

Dear J. So much has happened since you commented on my Footing post saying that you have an anti-foot fetish. A woman I know who has authored two books on style read my blog and was so impressed that she recommended that I send out press releases about it especially because she said that in fashion magazines the current shoes in season look like fetish wear. I am having a High Heel clinic in my studio this Saturday, and am writing a book to help women who experience pain from wearing heels.... all this came for the Footing post! Hope all is well with you!
Love, T.

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