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October 10, 2008


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Lois Hollander

"Footing" is a finely honed, humorous and beautifully illustrated discussion of how to use one's feet. As someone who has almost always taken my feet for granted, it is truly welcome. More later.....

Melinda Van Dillen

Talon and tail.......seemingly odd images to assign mentally to our own bodies. And yet, once we do, so much more of who we are and we who can be opens up to us. So too with the concept of flowing energy - it is very empowering and freeing at the same time.

 Issaquah Chiropractor

Feet are the very foundation of the body, any deformities that the feet have, the whole body will suffer.


Thanks so much for your comment! So true! We tend to shove our feet into shoes, never realizing how integrally the feet share a relationship with the spine. There is so much to say about the value of learning about how the feet can work in a healthy and powerfully supportive way. Please also read the various posts I have written in the High Heel Healing category, because regardless of whether you are male or female and regardless of whether you wear heels or not, the information in those postings regarding the heel-to-hamstring-to-sit-bone connection is absolutely essential to take work and weight off of the front of the foot and the toes. I also have several videos on YouTube that show me working with two different women in different ways to illustrate this heel-to-hamstring connection. Thanks again for responding!

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